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Owners Testimonials & Media Articles


Caravan Owner – John:   

I enjoy caravanning but can't do it 52 weeks a year. When I realised there was an opportunity to hire out my caravan for a portion of the year that protected me and my asset, as well as the hire party, I listed my caravan.I had seven responses in two weeks, including two firm bookings and tentatives up to July next year.

The caravan will be towed to Cairns and back over three weeks and then heads down south immediately after. The fellow taking his family to Cairns is very excited about the trip, and would struggle to accommodate two adults and two children in beautifully appointed, fully self contained accommodation for a total of $1500 any other way.


Camper Trailer Owner – Ron:

To quote the hirer: The van was in perfect condition everything worked as it should - it doesn't look like a typical rental.We decided to rent the camper trailer out as on average, 46 week of the year it just stand under the carport. So why not share the use of the trailer and get a little in return for the investment. So when we saw Private Caravan Hire at the Sydney Caravan and Camping Show this year we realised there must be a market for it too, and the enthusiasm of the Private Caravan Hire team plus the professional look of the website, and excellent support was key to signing up with Private Caravan Hire for the marketing of our trailer.

We just had our first rental and the hirer was very happy with the trailer and is likely going to be a return customer from what he said. For them it was perfect and made a change from tents, in the wet weather it far more comfortable and dry inside.  It also provided excellent value for money, they were really impressed.


Sunshine Coast Daily    October 7, 2008

Bright idea gets people moving

Private Caravan Hire takes off around Australia

GOING PLACES: Pamela Egan has set up a website called Private Caravan Hire where individuals can hire out their caravans RVs while not in use. Writes  Janine Hill

Pamela Egan calls it a lightbulb moment. The entrepreneur had been thinking about a friend’s caravan, parked for most of the year in his driveway, and while traveling along the highway, she had wondered at the large number of caravans on the road.

Then the light switched on. Pamela realised saw a opportunity in being able to match all those caravans, like that of her friend, languishing unused in driveways an backyards for much of the year, with people who wanted to hit the road but did not have one. After some research, Ms Egan, a former business development manager, launched her web based business. Private Caravan Hire ( is believed to be an Australian first. 

The website allows registered caravan owners to link with people who wish to hire a caravan for short or long-term trips or temporary stays, and therefore better utilise an asset wasted for much of the year. “Why would you have an asset that’s so under-utilised?” Ms Egan said. “We had a holiday unit and we’d rent it out when we weren’t using it. “Wouldn’t you approach caravans in the same way?”

he website allows owners to list their own description and photographs of their caravan and to stipulate the conditions of the hire. Users can browse for vehicles throughout Australia and arrange swaps internationally. PCH’s online support includes insurance referral, legal documentation for the hire agreement and practical advice.

Ms Egan said a 16-foot caravan could fetch about $2200.00 for four weeks hire, but said hire or swap arrangements were a win-win situation for both parties involved. She said private hire was an opportunity for owners to recoup some of the expenses associated with owning a van. It was also an opportunity for people who were considering buying a van to “try before they buy”, a solution for someone requiring temporary guest accommodation, or simply a cheap holiday alternative. Ms Egan also sees possibilities for people wishing to better utilise RV motorhomes. She said the website simply filled a niche that was growing as quickly as people purchased caravans and RV’s. “I’ve just always had this little thing that any time I can’t find something that I’m looking for, I think, “how can I fill that gap?” she said.

Since launching the site, Ms Egan had been fascinated at the different hire arrangements people had devised. One owner even delivered their van to a location for a person who wished to use it as temporary accommodation………………………………………


SUNDAY MAIL     September 28, 2008

Van plan could be money earner

A couple of caravan enthusiasts have come up with an idea to make your mobile home pay for itself. Writes Patrick Quinn

WHEN David and Pamela Egan drive past a house and see a caravan hidden under a tarp collecting cobwebs, they see money going to waste. They look at caravans and recreational vehicles as mobile holiday units. An investment which should be running up and down the highway or sitting in a national park earning money for their owners, not taking up space down the side of the house. So, with this in mind the Mooloolaba couple started up Private Caravan Hire, a website-based swap-and-hire business that introduces part-time mobile home users to recreational vehicles and caravans.  “We had friends who had caravans and we couldn’t understand why they were just left to lie in the yard,” Mrs Egan said. “Figures show caravans sit idle for 204 days a year, which is such a waste.”

And with Australia’s fleet of 200,000 caravans and 30,000 self-contained motor homes, the entrepreneurs think the sky’s the limit, both for them and their customers.“It is a win-win situation for both parties,” Mrs Egan says.“Caravans and RV owners are only too aware of how often their investment is sitting idle and empty, and with living costs increasing this is a way for owners to receive cash returns. “There are retirees out there with caravans having trouble paying for their upkeep, so this is an ideal way for them to make extra money and pay the bills.”

And with caravans and RVs costing many tens of thousands of dollars, they are also an expensive investment. We were considering buying but we could not justify the expense for the time we would use a caravan, so had held off purchasing. This allows people to try before they buy and see if caravanning for them.” Mrs Egan told The Sunday Mail.

The Egan’s said owners could earn $2200 for four weeks, leasing of an average 5m pop-top caravan. And it’s not just grey nomads who are using the service.“There are a lot of young families on a budget interested. It’s also ideal for people who have relatives or friends visiting from overseas.” Mrs Egans said.

The Private Caravan Hire web-site gives owners their own advertising profile, including description and photos of their caravans and RV, and the ability to edit and stipulate the conditions of hire or swap. Users have a search option to browse hire vehicles Australia wide and swap vehicles, using the map or region search. Mrs Egans said PCH’s online support included insurance referral, legal documentation for the hire agreement and practical advice.............................................................






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