Frequently Asked Questions to what you need to know when hiring recreational vehicles

Questions and Answers when Hiring Caravans, Motorhomes and Camper Trailers.  

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Q. Can I have a caravan in a caravan park?
A. Yes, the owner will take to the caravan park and set up, depending on the distance there may be a surcharge.

Q. Who pays for the insurance on the motorhomes, caravans  and Camper Trailers whilst hired?
A.  The Owner, the insurance is covered, PCH provides a customised owners policy with a leading RV Insurer.

Q. Do caravans have annexes?
A. Some do, look for the annex icon in the owners RV profile or request an annex. 

Q. Are the motorhomes and caravans available for try before you buy?
A. Yes, at Private Caravan Hire you have a wide choice of makes and models to choose from.

Q. Are there any caravans available for hire long term?
A. Yes with some owners, check the availability calendar and make an enquiry for best long term rental rates.

Q. Can we bring our Pet?
A. Some owners will accept pets, look for the icons Pet Friendly or Pets on Application Only.

Q. Can I hire a caravan for a few days, short term hire?
A. Yes, but generally owners prefer a minimum hire of five days.

Q. Need caravan for accommodation for workers is this possible?
A. Yes, make an enquiry to get the best rental rates and options for delivery. 

Q. Do the motorhomes and caravans have showers and toilets?
A. Yes, many of the newer model do, you will see all facilities available when you 
view the listings

Q. Do I need a brake controller on my car whilst towing a caravan?
A. In most instances you will, but a few caravans do have override brakes, see brake controller information.

Q. How do I know the weight of the caravan?
A. The tare weight is included in information on each caravan and camper trailer.

Q. How many people can travel a Motoorhome?
A. The maximum number of people travelling is determined by what the Motorhome is licensed to carry.

Q. How do owners assist if there is a breakdown on their RV?
A.  Owners will organise assistance and repair many owners have road side assist.  


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omorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. - See more at:
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. - See more at:


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